The Pal-O-Matic: The Ideal Solution For High-Volume Pallet Processing

pal-o-matic the ideal solution for high volume pallet processing feature

Pallet stacking and management are a significant challenge for businesses that rely on them for storage and transportation. When stacked improperly, pallets can pose a safety hazard and damage the products they carry. Inefficient pallet management can also lead to reduced productivity.

What’s the solution? Well, we’ve invented one. The Pal-O-Matic is an all-in-one saving grace for all those warehouse pain points.

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For any piece of large equipment or heavy machinery needed for warehouse operations, there is always a cost to consider. In business, there is no better investment than one that provides an overall solution to endless frustrations. From the ground up, we designed our unique pallet dispenser to be the sound capital investment you are looking for. Here is how the Pal-O-Matic can offer a substantial return on investment

Improved Efficiency 

With a centralized location for pallets, workers spend less time retrieving them, increasing efficiency. In a time study by one of our Yarbrough Industries’ customers, the Pal-O-Matic saved up to 4.7 hours for every 1,000 pallets versus not using an automated dispenser.

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Saved Storage Space

An automated pallet dispenser provides an organized, central location for the pallets and saves significant floor space. The Model 9000 pallet dispenser from Yarbrough Industries holds 90 pallets while only occupying 72 square feet of floor space. If you stacked the same number of pallets in 4-foot stacks around your warehouse, the stacks would take up more than twice the square foot area on the floor.

Saved storage space

Reduced Pallet Damage

The Pal-O-Matic neatly stacks and organizes pallets, significantly reducing the chance of damage. The metal walls also contain the pallets so that a jack can enter without the pallets pushing away. This eliminates damage to building columns and rack legs, which are costly to repair.

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Built to Last

What else do large equipment and heavy machinery have in common besides investment costs? The inevitable repair process. Fear not; we have already factored that in for you. We provide technical and part support and commercial equipment repair for our pallet dispensers long after the sale. With proper maintenance, we anticipate a 12+ year life from our machines even when they are used for multiple daily shifts. Some of our customers have been using the same machine for over 15 years!

Built to last

Going Beyond Wood

Did we mention it’s not just for wood pallets? Our Pal-O-Matic’s safe stacking and storage systems are versatile and can dispense a variety of pallet types, including wood, plastic, aluminum, metal, export, and rental pallets. They are perfect for palletizing lines, robotic work cells, pallet sorting areas, order picking, and selecting.

Say goodbye to the aches and pains of manual pallet handling with our innovative Pal-O-Matic machine. Or, as we like to call it, your all-in-one warehouse pallet solution. Upgrade your operations with our automatic pallet dispensing systems and enjoy the benefits of improved safety and efficiency in your warehouse.

If you are interested in a pallet dispenser to benefit the success of your business, just let us know. We can’t wait to work with you!