When it comes to industrial equipment repair, Yarbrough Industries has you covered. We are a top-ranked service center in southwest Missouri. Our staff is second to none and are experts in their field. We can help you whether you need your industrial equipment repaired, replaced, or refurbished. We have been offering top quality service since our founding in 1946, and we don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

Hydraulics Repairs

Our hydraulics repair services are the most comprehensive in the area. We service motors, pumps, valves, power units, and everything in between. You name it, if it’s hydraulic, we can fix it. We are a full-line Eaton, Vickers, Char-Lynn, and Aeroquip distributor. We make sure to maintain great relations with many other manufacturers as well.

Fabrication and Machining Repairs

Our industrial equipment repair services covers everything. If a part is missing or broken, it can be extremely frustrating trying to replace it quickly. The more time it takes to get your machines running, the more money you lose. Yarbrough Industries understands this, and this is why we offer custom-machined replacement parts. We can quickly and efficiently make you a new part perfect for your machine. If our industrial equipment repair department can’t fix it, then it’s probably beyond repair. That’s why we want to offer solutions, and custom parts are the most efficient way to get you back to business.

Our fabrication department is also ready to offer you any industrial equipment repair services you may need. Our fabrication team can present you with a complete visual representation of your machine repair or new machine. Our team works with aluminum, carbon, and stainless steel in a variety of hardness and grades, so we’re prepared for just about any project or repair you might need.

Mobile On-Site Service

Yarbrough Industries is especially excited to be able to offer our industrial equipment repair services on the go. We provide on-site service for a large variety of industrial applications. We know time is money, so having us come to you can save you both.

Yarbrough’s Mobile Hydraulic Technicians come to you. We have trucks that are loaded with tools, hose and fittings and some of the most common repair parts. When you give us a call, we will determine what parts may be necessary to get you up and going and bring them with us.  We do routine maintenance on hydraulic systems in your plant, but we can also do major hydraulic projects at your location if needed.

Contact Yarbrough Industries for

Fabrication, Machining, and Hydraulic Repair Needs

Don’t let your industrial equipment repair issues frustrate you any longer. Contact Yarbrough Industries today or view our website to find out how we can help you. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to offer customers the best quality services in the industry. Let us earn your business today!