Pump & Valve testing

Pump and Valve Testing

chances are we can fix it!

Yarbrough is the area’s best when it comes to Building New Pumps or Rebuilding and Testing. We have a 270 Horsepower bench for testing Gear pumps, Vane pumps, Piston pumps and Hydrostatic pumps. We have the ability to test up to 5000 psi and can run pumps up to 150 gpm. Yarbrough’s tests every pump we work on and will give you the test results to show where your pump stacks up against new OEM specification.

Why Yarbrough Industries

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We test for GPM output at set RPM range, fully test pump at recommended pressure ranges, Set Compensator Valve to proper pressure, test Case Drain Flow and Temperature. When work is complete, we warranty our work for up to one year against material and workmanship.

Valve testing

done the right way

Valve testing is done on our Valve bench used to make sure functions are working as they should, pressure tested for leaks and if valve uses coils, all coils tested for proper operation.

New to Yarbrough’s

full Hydraulic Motor testing

We have a newly designed test bench for testing Hydraulic motors.  This bench can test torque and horsepower ratings of a rebuilt motor against factory specifications. Motors are tested at rated gallons per minute to maximum pressure to see if motor measures up to horsepower output needed.