Yarbrough Industries offers the finest in machining services and machine repair. We can precisely and quickly take care of any machining needs you might have. Machining is a fairly broad term. Typically it is defined as the removal of metal from a workpiece, and it also refers to machine repair. We have extremely skilled machinists on staff that are able to offer you the very best machining services in terms of precision and quality. Your custom specifications can be met effectively and efficiently.

Yarbrough Industries

Machine Repair

A broken or obsolete machine can put your business at a standstill. Yarbrough Industries can efficiently take care of all of your machine repair needs to make sure that your machine is back up and running.  When it comes to metal, there’s no repair or refurbish job that can scare us. Our machine repair service is top notch. We can take machines in need of refurbishing and return them to their former glory. We can get a broken machine operational again in no time. Don’t believe us? Let us prove it to you! Bring us your machine repair projects and we’ll get to work.

A Wide Range

Of Services

When it comes to metal machine repair, we offer the widest range of services in the area. We weld, bend, polish, grind; anything that can be done with metal we can do. We offer tig, mig, stick, brazing, and soldering welding services. We work with cast iron, steel, stainless, brass, and aluminum. We are proud to be able to solve all of our customer’s problems with the utmost quality.

Yarbrough Industries

Machining Technology

We are able to take on any machining job, big or small, thanks to our top quality machining technology. We utilize both CNC and manual mills and lathes to give our customers the service they require. With our CNC machines, we can offer you absolute precision. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which means they are operated by specific codes and commands from a computer. This eliminates the chance for human error, saving you time.

When computers aren’t required, we can utilize manual mills and lathes operated by our highly qualified machinists to offer you the best value possible. No matter what we ensure that you are given the highest quality services while saving you time and money. Our service is second to none and we know we can provide you with what you need. Whether you need a machining job done or a machine repair service, our team is more than capable.