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The Pal-O-Matic pallet dispenser from Yarbrough Industries is a sound capital investment for your business. A pallet dispenser adds convenience, efficiency, and cost reduction, making your business run more smoothly. Some of the benefits of our Yarbrough Industries Pal-O-Matic pallet dispenser are:

Improved Efficiency

A pallet dispenser from Yarbrough Industries means that your order pickers will spend less time retrieving pallets. The centralized location of the pallets will reduce work time and allow your business to work more effectively. In a time study done by one of our customers, the pallet dispenser saved up to 4.7 hours for every 1000 pallets versus not using an automated dispenser.

Saved Space

The Model 9000 pallet dispenser from Yarbrough Industries will hold 90 pallets while only occupying 72 square feet of floor space. Besides providing an organized, central location for the pallets, an automated dispenser saves you significant floor space. If you stacked the same number of pallets in 4 foot stacks around your warehouse, the stacks would take up more than twice the square foot area on the floor.

Reduced Pallet Damage

Pallets can be damaged in a number of ways. When they are manually stacked, pallets can be thrown around and stacks can fall over resulting in damage over time. The Pal-O-Matic neatly stacks and organizes pallets, significantly reducing the chance for damage. The metal walls also contain the pallets so that a jack can enter without the pallets pushing away. This eliminates damage to building columns and rack legs.

Improve Morale:

When the order pickers realize that our automated pallet dispenser makes their job easier they feel more recognized and appreciated.  This, of course, leads to improved productivity!

Expected Useful Life:

With proper maintenance, we anticipate a 12+ year life from our machines even when they are used for multiple shifts every day. Some of our customers have been using the same machine for more than 15 years! We provide technical and parts support as well as commercial equipment repair for our pallet dispensers long after the sale.

Pallet Dispensers at Yarbrough Industries

If you are interested in a pallet dispenser to benefit the success of your business, contact us at Yarbrough Industries today with any questions and for pricing.

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